Data Dao Hackathon

Data Dao hackathon aims at unveiling the value of Web3 Data and advocating decentralized data storage, access and services.



Data DAO Hackathon

00:00 AM August 15th - 10:00 PM September 11th, 2022 EDT

Start Date

00:00 AM August 15th, 2022 EDT

Office Hour

01:30-03:00 PM EDT every Monday and Thursday

Mentor Week

09:00 AM August 15th - 06:00 PM August 19th, 2022 EDT

Submission Due Date

10:00 PM September 11th, 2022 EDT

Award Ceremony

11:00 AM September 18th, 2022 EDT


Network drive - Best use of IPFS/Filecoin for file storage - $12,500

The Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS) is a peer-to-peer network and protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open. IPFS upgrades the web to work in a decentralized manner, addressing data by what it is instead of where it’s located on the network or who is hosting it.

Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized storage network, allows users to store, request, and transfer data via a verifiable marketplace. Filecoin is an entirely open-source alternative to costly cloud storage, where a blockchain network offers efficiently priced and geographically decentralized storage that ensures the persistence of user’s data.


  • A IPFS/Filecoin based network drive
  • It should contain user upload/delete and modified function
  • Support MCS is a plus


Judging Criteria

  • Novelty/Creativity: Does it have unique and novel features or combine features of other products or services in a unique and novel way? Does it solve a new problem? Is it creative and puts a smile on people’s faces?
  • Potential Impact: Does it fill a gap in the universe, and have the potential to be used frequently by a large, growing and diverse audience or market? Is it
  • Technical Accomplishment: Is the code elegant, clean, and technically interesting? Is the project complete?
  • Filecoin & IPFS Implementation: Does the project interact with IPFS/Filecoin under-the-hood (i.e., more than simply retrieving a CID from a gateway)? Does it use MCS, NFT.Storage, Web3.Storage, or other storage helpers?
  • Design: How is the UX/UI/DX? Is it easy to use? If targeting developers, is the experience smooth and intuitive? Does the visual design delight you?
  • MCS Implementation:  Does the project interact with any feature or tool of MCS? It would be an advantage to implement MCS into the project.

Examples of qualifying TOOLS

Dev Tool High-level description May usage of tool in isolation be enough to qualify? Level of difficulty
Filecoin SDKs and libs Persistent data storage protocol Yes High
Libp2p SDKs and libs p2p networking protocol Yes Moderate
IPFS SDKs and client libs Content-addressed file network Yes Easy - moderate (see for tips)
OrbitDB Decentralized database Yes Moderate
Textile (i.e., Powergate, Bridge, Buckets, Tableland) Toolkit to connect and extend Libp2p, IPFS, and Filecoin Yes Moderate
Ceramic Decentralized data network with multiple applications Yes Moderate
Chainsafe Storage Decentralized storage service Yes Moderate
MCS Decentralized storage service Only if storing and retrieving from code (i.e., uploading or retrieving file to the website by UI is not sufficient) Moderate
Other storage solutions (e.g., Filebase) Easy-to-use data storage services Only if storing and retrieving to IPFS and/or Filecoin from code (i.e., uploading to the website alone is not sufficient)
Moralis IPFS API Decentralized storage and retrieval service Only if ‘saveIPFS’ -function is called (i.e., retrieval via http-gateway alone is not sufficient) Easy
Pinning services (e.g., Pinata, Infura, Temporal) IPFS pinning services Only if storing and retrieving to IPFS from code (retrieval only does not qualify) As per IPFS SDKs
Livepeer Video streaming and encoding Only if the project’s assets are exported to IPFS As per IPFS SDKs
Fleek Website hosting Only if using the Fleek js-client lib/sdk (”Space SDK”) to upload objects to IPFS (deployment only does not qualify - though is encouraged!) As per IPFS SDKs
Others (e.g., Spheron) Other tools may qualify. If you’re unsure about whether your solution qualifies, please contact the Filecoin/IPFS mentors in the relevant support channels.

Multi-Chain Storage with FilSwan Network - $20,000

Multi-Chain Storage (MCS: is a smart-contract-based cross-chain storage gateway that is integrated with Oracle technology. It accelerates the mass adoption of decentralized storage by bridging multiple blockchain networks.  MCS enables users to pay for Filecoin storage with stable coins and other tokens while maintaining data security. Users will also obtain the payment transaction and IPFS information with Filecoin deal ID for future reference.

Requirements & Judging Criteria

  • You must use MCS as the primary storage tools,e.g. MCS IPFS

Computing Over Data - $15,000

Computing over data is the key scenario of IPFS/Filecoin Network. This track is to encourage developers to develop apps based on data stored on Filecoin. Some example ideas can be climate data analysis, New York subway data, health data or other scientific data. You can find the Monkey Classification from resource a sample scientific research example

Requirements & Judging Criteria

  • You need to store the data on IPFS/Filecoin network.
  • Retrieval data to local instance by code.
  • You can run different programming languages for computing.
  • Having a GUI is a plus.


Forest - $1,000 USD

Forest is the rust node for the Filecoin network. The Forest team has put together some good first issues as bounties for the hackers at FILToronto. In order to solve these bugs/bounties you will need to have an understanding of the Filecoin protocol, some level of proficiency in rust programming language, and be able to install, run and debug with the Forest client.

This hackathon prize is for the individual(s) who solves the most bounties/bugs correctly. This will be submitted directly to the Forest repository as draft PRs.


  • Bounty 1: $500 USD
  • Bounty 2: $500 USD

Requirements & Judging Criteria

  • Install Forest dependencies. Compile and run Forest.
  • Solve the bug, and test your solution works on your local machine.
  • Submit Draft PRs to the Forest repository.
  • Accuracy of the solution.
  • Tests (if any).
  • Quality of the PRs.
  • Creativity.


Community Choice - $2,500

The Twitter community will be able to share their favourite submissions in the hackathon! Community Track aims to judge projects based on community engagement and project quality.
To be eligible for Community Track:
  • A builder must tweet as you decide the project name and a short intro. Project video, design, and project link could be optional.
  • Must tag @0xFilSwan community.
  • Get community engagement in terms of retweets. (Highest RT with quality project wins)

Datadao Hackathon Winner

Netdisk - Best use of IPFS/Filecoin for file storage


Winner 1: Datapocket $6,000

Multi-Chain Storage with FilSwan Network


Winner 2: CooperDB $5,000


Winner 3: go-mcs-sdk $3,000


Winners Pool Prizes:

Computing Over Data


Winner 1: IPFS Computing Router $6,000

Community Choice


Winner 1: Storverse $500

Mentors & Judges

Charles Cao

Founder, FilSwan

Jenks Guo

Developer Advocate, Filecoin Foundation

Alvin Reyes

Software Engineer, Protocol Labs

Ricky Yuen

Blockchain Engineer, FilSwan

Lee Raj

Project Manager, Forest@ChainSafe

Niki Gokani

Ecosystem Growth, Protocol Labs

Gary Gao

Head of Filecoin Business, FBG Capital

Ryan Baumann​

Developer Advocate, Protocol Labs


Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Waterdrip Capital

Industry leading minds

  • Juan Benet, Founder & CEO, Protocol Labs
  • Charles Cao, founder, FilSwan
  • Peter Huo, Executive Director, Binance Labs
  • Alvin Reyes, Software Engineer, Protocol Labs
  • Michael Robinson, Product Marketing Manager, Chainlink Labs
  • Dirk, Engineer,Bedrock at Protocol Labs
  • Swaroop Hegde, Co-Founder, PowerLoom
  • Brenda, Product Manager, Protocol Labs
  • Ricky Yuen, Blockchain Engineer, FilSwan
  • Geneviève Lin Rui, Account Manager, NBFS
  • Ehsan Shariati, COO, Functionland
  • Erin O’Connor, Grant Coordinator, Filecoin Foundation
  • Jefferson Chu, Blockchain Engineer, Origin Storage
  • David Aronchick, Protocol Labs
  • Baiciao Ren, VP, Origin Storage
  • Boqian, Project Lead, NBFS
  • Jennifer Wang, Technical project manager,Lotus
  • Raúl Kripalani, FVM Lead
  • Karim Agha, FVM Engineer
  • Joss, Venus
  • Raghav Rmadya, Protocol Labs
  • Corinne Bernett, PM Estuary, Protocol Labs
  • magik, Lotus Engineer
  • Ed Strong, Director, Web 3.0 Storage, Seagate
  • David Ansermino, VP Engineering, ChainSafe
  • Lee Raj, Project Manager, Forest, ChainSafe
  • Aayush Rajasekaran​, Lotus Engineer, Protocol Labs
  • Elizabeth Binks, Engineering Lead, ChainSafe
  • Ryan Baumann​, Protocol Labs​
  • Boris Mann​, Co-Founder, Fission
  • Marc Johnson, Filecoin Green
  • Gary, FBG Capital

Judging Criteria For All Projects

Accuracy of the solution

Number of bounties/bugs solved

Quality of the PRs


Submission Guidelines

At a minimum submission for prizes should include the following items:
  • The name and summary of the project.
  • Names/pseudonyms of team members and contact info. (e.g., GitHub handle, email address, or other)
  • How the project uses to IPFS and/or Filecoin and/or MCS and/or decentralized storage services that build on top of either with explicit links to files & functions in code where these technologies are used.
  • Provide comprehensive README, incl. a clear description of the project and mention of how the tech is used.
  • Include a link to the working demo or provide a testing guide.
  • To ensure the judges don’t miss it, include an explicit link to the file + functions where Filecoin / IPFS / MCS other tools are used in your codebase.
  • 5-10 minute video that presents the idea, including a brief demo that demonstrates the use. 
  • Select the appropriate track when submitting the project.

Rule for Prizes

Event replays



Where to find teams?

Team Communication via. Discord:


Most frequent questions and answers

The event will be held from 00:00 AM August 15th to 10:00 PM September 11th, 2022 EDT 

Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate. However, participants that break the Rules may be expelled.

Nothing, attendance is free.

As soon as the hackathon opens. To keep the playing field fair, we don’t allow teams to begin building prior to the start of the hackathon. If your project is an upgrade to an existing project, please check with us beforehand.

This event takes place online. The hackathon chat/support happens on Discord, and projects are submitted through Dorahacks.

You can find a team on our Hackathon discord. Here is the find-a-team discord channel:

Yes. You can update your project content before submission due date, 10:00 PM September 11th, 2022 EDT.  We collect the final code by the due date. The revision after the due date won’t be counted.

You can submit to multiple tracks and multiple projects(BUIDL) with different content. 

Please notice, if you would like to submit the same project across multiple tracks, only the first submission will be valid. We allow you to update your BUIDL project before the due date, 10:00 PM September 11th, 2022 EDT.

You can participate alone or with any number of teammates.

You should register on our official website, Data DAO Hackathon Registration Form, and should submit your project(BUIDL) on Dorahacks website.

Sunday to Wednesday
December 23 to 26, 2022
467 Davidson ave
Los Angeles CA 95716